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When and where will City-zen Days take place?
City-zen Days will take place in the heart of Amsterdam from 1-3 April, 2019.
Note: April 1st is for selected consortium partners only.
Why should I attend City-zen Days?
City-zen Days Amsterdam will be a unique event that allows you to catch a glimpse of sustainable, energy self-sufficient and smart urban future.
There are plenty of opportunities for inspiration, lessons learned and networking.
What does it cost to attend City-zen Days?
City-zen Days is a free event as it is important for City-zen to communicate our lessons learned throughout our network.
City-zen is a European funded project.


Where is the event held?

  • Day 1

    • Afternoon: AMS Institute, Building 027W, Kattenburgerstraat 5, 1018 JA, Amsterdam

    • Evening: Instock, Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam

  • Day 2

    • Morning: B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763, Amsterdam

    • Evening: to be confirmed

  • Day 3

    • De Ceuvel, Korte Papaverweg 2-6, Amsterdam


How do I get there?
Traveling to the different venues couldn’t be easier with Amsterdam’s extensive network of public transport including buses, metro and trains. Find out more about getting around here:

  • You can buy a GVB public transport (bus, tram, metro) pass for 1 or more days here

  • Or if you also need to use the train we suggest to by an anonymous OV chipcard here.  

  • To plan your trip please use the OV planner.

Amsterdam is also easily accessible by bicycle – Amsterdam is renowned for its abundant cyclists and bikes are available for rent at most railway stations, bike dealers or rental agencies in town.

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Where can I stay?
The costs or reservation of hotel accommodation and travel are not included.
Our hotel suggestions below:

Volkshotel Amsterdam (www.volkshotel.nl/en)
Address: Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 – 2612 110
Promocode for 15% discount on flexible rates: CITY-ZEN

Food & drinks

Are meals included?
Please find below an overview of what is and is not included.

  • Day 1: starts after lunch (not included).

    • Afternoon: coffee/tea/drinks are included.

    • Evening: we organize an informal dinner at Instock for selected consortium partners only. First drink on us, dinner at your own expense.
      At your Eventbrite registration you have the opportunity to indicate whether you are present.

  • Day 2: starts at 9 am.

    • During the day program coffee/tea/drinks and lunch are included.

    • Evening: we organize a FuckUp night on City-zen expenses. Note: limited places.
      At your Eventbrite registration you have the opportunity to indicate whether you are present.

  • Day 3: starts at 9 am.

    • Coffee/tea/drinks and lunch are included.

What if I have special requirements?
If you have any special requirements, disabilities, and/or dietary restrictions that we may address to make your participation in City-zen Days more enjoyable, please do let us know by sending an email to lonneke@amsterdamsmartcity.com.


Where can I park?
The best way to travel in Amsterdam is by using public transport. Please find below all accessibility options for the different venues.

  • Day 1: Marineterrein (only street parking available at 3 euro per hour)

  • Day 2:

    • Morning/afternoon: B. Amsterdam

    • Evening: to be confirmed, most likely at the city center of Amsterdam.

  • Day 3: De Ceuvel 

    • De Ceuvel has limited parking possibilities and that’s why we recommend to come by public transport (metrostation Noorderpark - walk from there in 9 minutes) or by bicycle. It is only 5 minutes from the ferry (Buiksloterweg) by bike. In case you would like to park your car, it is best around the corner on the Kropaarstraat (1 euro 30 per hour) or at the P+R Noord and take 1 metro back to Noorderpark and walk from there.


Who can I contact for more information?
Visit our City-zen contact page and get in touch, or call +31 6 83 21 79 48 (Lonneke).


Are all presentations available on the website?
Presentations will be available to attendees online within 3 days of the event taking place. The distribution of presentation materials is subject to the speakers’ submission.

Dress code

What is the dress code?
The dress code is business attire or equivalent. Please make sure you wear approprate shoes for the guided walk on Wednesday 3, April.